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  • coronavirus, Apelin, lung damage from covid 19 can be prevented with cannabidiol, Stress

    Lung Damage From COVID-19 Can Be Prevented With Cannabidiol 2020-10-19 10:47:56

    Researchers have found a significant ray of hope to safeguard lungs against COVID-19. There was a study conducted by the researchers at Dental College of Georgia and Medical College of Georgia (MCG) on how we can prevent lung damage from...

    Keywords: coronavirus, Prevent Covid-19, Cannabidiol, Apelin

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    skin, exfoliate, how to pamper your skin for a highlighter like glow, Stress

    How to Pamper your Skin for a Highlighter-like Glow? 2020-09-29 11:45:52

    Drink a lot of water, you’ll see the difference in your skin within a week. Say goodbye to chemical highlighters and follow these 5 tips for a glossy skin. Every woman craves for a healthy-looking skin but sometimes the factors...

    Keywords: toner, lemon, sunscreen, sunscreen

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    eyesight, child, how to protect kids from eye vision problems, Stress

    How to protect kids from eye vision problems 2020-10-08 09:19:24

    It is always wise to ensure that your Child's eyesight is fine before sending him/her to school. It is a common phenomenon for children to experience eye problems while attending the schools. Almost every parent shouts at the children to...

    Keywords: child, children, children, child

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    hypertension, hypertension, covid 19 recovery 10 things you must do after getting discharged from hospital, Stress

    COVID-19 Recovery: 10 Things you must do after getting Discharged from Hospital 2020-09-23 10:22:16

    Some of the patients recovered from COVID-19 infection are reporting oxygen saturation levels after the discharge from the hospital. The novel coronavirus is known to attack the endothelial cells that result in blood clotting. Research suggests that the patients recovered...

    Keywords: hypertension, hypertension, COVID-19 recovered patients, COVID-19 recovered patients

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    COVID-19, human heart, covid 19 can lead to heart complications not found in any other disease study, Stress

    COVID-19 can lead to heart complications not found in any other disease: Study 2020-09-18 11:09:58

    COVID-19 has the ability to cut through the heart muscle in a way that no other disease can do to the heart.COVID-19 has been reported to cause many problems other than just respiratory illnesses. Recent studies have proved that COVID-19...

    Keywords: heart muscle, human heart, scientists, scientists

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    immunity, immunity, how to prevent covid 19 and keep your immune system healthy, Stress

    How to prevent COVID-19 and keep your immune system Healthy? 2020-09-16 09:31:13

    Your diet plays a key role in building immunity. Here are some of the best vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to strengthen the body.As the coronavirus infection is continuing to spread at a rapid pace, having an optimally functioning immune system...

    Keywords: vitamins, immune system, immunity, immune system

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