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  • covid-19, coronavirus, loss of smell could be an underlying sign of coronavirus new study suggests, Germany

    Loss of smell could be an underlying sign of coronavirus, new study suggests 2020-03-24 11:43:45

    The signs and symptoms of coronavirus has been pretty straightforward till now. The combined sign of cough, fever as well as shortness of breath is what the doctors are treating as the primary symptom. In severe cases, some of the...

    Keywords: anosia, asymptomatic patients, anosia, covid-19

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    zoom, security, singapore stops teachers from using zoom app following shrewd incidents, Germany

    Singapore stops teachers from using Zoom app following shrewd incidents 2020-04-10 08:29:58

    The Zoom app has experienced a rapid boom during this pandemic when people are practicing social distancing to keep themselves safe. But, with the rising popularity comes the dark side to it. While the security and privacy of this application...

    Keywords: security, zoom, security, app

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    restrictions, restrictions, who warns countries against unplanned lockdown lifts, Germany

    WHO warns countries against unplanned lockdown lifts 2020-05-08 05:02:42

    With the Covid-19 outbreak affecting over 3.9 million people and being the reason for over 270,000 deaths, the condition has created ripples through the world. Majority of the severely affected countries are either on a lockdown or have stay at...

    Keywords: lockdown, restrictions, WHO, lockdown

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    biometric, biometric, indians to get chip based electronic passport soon external affairs ministry, Germany

    Indians To Get Chip-Based Electronic Passport Soon: External Affairs Ministry 2020-06-27 05:31:32

    E-Passports are soon going to be introduced in India. Marking the occasion of Passport Seva Divas, Dr.S.Jayashankar , external affairs minister announced on Wednesday. As a revolutionary move, India is going to embark on the production of chip-enabled e-passports which...

    Keywords: e-passport, biometric, Passport Seva Kendra, e-passport

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    unreleased films, star cast, 7 unreleased films that were studded with the biggest star cast, Germany

    7 Unreleased films that were studded with the biggest star-cast 2020-04-29 07:56:19

    There are films that big it big in the box office with a super famous star cast and there are films which do just fine without a big star cast. And, finally, there are some which have a big star...

    Keywords: films, unreleased films, star cast, star cast

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    finance, coronavirus, german state finance minister commits suicide over coronavirus crisis, Germany

    German State Finance Minister commits suicide over coronavirus crisis 2020-03-30 12:43:32

    While the world is in an urgent state of crisis over the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, another wave of shock came in reporting the death of the German State Finance Minister, Thomas Schaefer. Reports suggest that Shaefer’s body was...

    Keywords: germany, finance, Thomas schaefer, coronavirus

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