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  • Covid-19, recovery rate, india has the lowest covid 19 fatality rate, Diabetes

    India has the lowest Covid-19 fatality rate 2020-06-03 14:02:30

    Over 348,000 people have already died because of the Covid-19 pandemic. That is possibly one of the worst case scenarios that the world could have experienced. But, for India, it is not the worst news as the country has the...

    Keywords: recovery rate, fatality rate, fatality rate, Covid-19

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    Metformin, recall the drug, 5 pharmaceutical firms were asked to recall diabetes drug metformin, Diabetes

    5 Pharmaceutical Firms Were Asked To Recall Diabetes Drug Metformin 2020-05-29 07:16:31

    High levels of a possible cancer-causing impurity was found by The US Food and Drug Administration in some versions of the diabetes drug metformin. Five Pharmaceutical companies were asked to recall the drug. In extended-release formulations, the agency found out...

    Keywords: recall the drug, FDA, 5 Pharmaceutical Companies, Metformin

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    fruits, summer, this summer eat your water these 10 ways, Diabetes

    This summer, “Eat” your water these 10 ways 2020-05-08 13:39:49

    Hot summer months can bring around the issues of quenching thirst and issues of dehydration. If you live in an extremely hot and dry area, it is likely that the summer heat will end up taking a toll on your...

    Keywords: nutrients, fruits, water, fruits

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    diabetes, coronavirus, similar risk factors in sickest covid 19 patients study, Diabetes

    Similar risk factors in sickest Covid-19 patients: Study 2020-04-23 14:01:03

    Covid-19 has grappled the entire world, taking down the normal life of people one step at a time. People have not just lost their lives but have also experience massive downgrade to their economy in the country. While studies are...

    Keywords: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, study

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    alzheimer’s disease, soybean oil, most widely used soybean oil may cause adverse effect in neurological health, Diabetes

    Most widely Used Soybean Oil may Cause Adverse Effect in Neurological Health 2020-01-18 12:05:45

    The soybean oil is widely used and is said to be the most consumed edible oil as it is likely a common element in the diet. This oil is popularly being used in processed and premade foods by the restaurants,...

    Keywords: alzheimer’s disease, soybean oil, autism, anxiety

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    nostlagia, nostlagia, stuck in the lockdown relish these 15 desi comfort foods for sheer nostalgia, Diabetes

    Stuck in the lockdown, relish these 15 desi comfort foods for sheer nostalgia 2020-05-05 07:24:21

    Being stuck inside home is not something anyone of us anticipated. With so many things going on, the last thing we need is to feel stressed about our next meal. Sometimes, little is more and there are a few desi...

    Keywords: desi comfort foods, indian foods, desi comfort foods, indian foods

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