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  • calorie, tier 1 cities, indian women burn less than 50 calories every day study, Men s health

    Indian Women Burn Less Than 50% Calories Every Day: Study 2019-01-08 10:45:34

    While men and women in India are to a large extent physically inactive, women were found to burn fewer calories than their male counterparts, finds a survey of more than one million Indians. The survey - "Physical activity levels of...

    Keywords: calories burned per exercise, Indian women health and fitness, how to calculate calories burned in a day, calorie

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    sea sponges during menstruation, menstrual sponge cvs, gynecologist warns women against using sea sponges as reusable nurturing alternatives to tampons, Men s health

    Gynecologist Warns Women Against Using Sea Sponges as 'Reusable', 'Nurturing' Alternatives to Tampons 2019-05-01 11:59:14

    In a bid to find track down alternatives to sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups, and reusable pads the women these days are found using “sea sponge” to cut down on non-biodegradable waste and the idea is absolutely risky. Women are...

    Keywords: menstrual sponge cvs, sea sponges as tampons, sea sponges as tampons, menstrual sponge cvs

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    how to lose belly fat in 10 days, tip for men to lose belly fat, tips for men to lose belly fat and build muscle fat, Men s health

    Tips for Men to Lose Belly Fat and Build Muscle Fat 2018-12-15 11:33:18

    Hardly a month left to end 2018 and kudos to those who met their resolution of losing weight and those who didn't, one month is all that is left to lose those extra kilos and get that beach bod', which...

    Keywords: diet for men, muscle, exercises for men, exercises for men

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    working hours for female employees in bank, working hours for female employees in gujarat, women beware working over 9 hours a day can lead to depression, Men s health

    Women Beware! Working over 9 Hours a Day Can Lead to Depression 2019-02-27 04:58:22

    If you are a working woman and devote more than nine hours a day working fingers to the bone then you have a higher risk of depression, according to a study. Women who work extra long hours, more than 55...

    Keywords: working hours for women in bank, working hours for female employees in gujarat, working hours for women in bank, working hours for female employees in gujarat

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    women, Menopause, avoid smoking to ward off stroke risks during menopause study, Men s health

    Avoid Smoking to Ward off Stroke Risks During Menopause: Study 2018-11-30 07:17:11

    Quitting smoking during the transition phase to menopause could be the key to obviate risks of cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes, suggests a new study. Menopause is a natural decline in reproductive hormones when a woman reaches her...

    Keywords: hormones, women health, cardiovascular diseases, women smoking

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    dinner ideas for pregnancy nausea, Jessica May Magill, this soon to be mother prepared 152 meals 228 snacks to save time after baby s birth, Men s health

    This Soon-to-Be Mother Prepared 152 Meals, 228 Snacks to Save Time After Baby’s Birth 2019-03-22 13:39:54

    Beyond question, motherhood is the most beautiful experience with desperate straits at intervals. And the instant baby is born, the challenges apparently increase.To keep that frame of mind right, several moms-to-be these days have to dig up amazing hacks. Jessica...

    Keywords: healthy pregnancy dinner recipes, dinner ideas for pregnancy nausea, weekly pregnancy meal plan, pregnancy dinner recipes

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